Welcome to the Abbazia Club Hotel, in the very heart of Keszthely, capital of the Lake Balaton!

Situated only a few minutes far from the Lake Balaton, and 10 minutes from the thermal lake of Heviz, this resort is a great starting point for any vacation throughout the year.

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1. Service Information
Helicon Travel Agency Limited Liability Company
Short name: Helicon Ltd. Travel Agency.
Head Office: 8360, Queen Elizabeth path 21st
Company registration number: 20-09-060182
Tax ID: 10242986-2-20

1.a Club Dobogómajor H-8372 Cserszegtomaj, Hévízi Út. 1.
Telephone: +36-83/531-991
Fax: +36-83/531-992
1.b Petneházy Club Hotel H-1029 Budapest, Feketefej u. 2-4.
Telephone: +36-1/391-8010
Fax: +36-1/376-5738
1.c Hotel Kalma H-8380 Hévíz, Rakóczi utca. 12-14.
Telephone: +36-83/545-910
Fax: +36-83/545-911
1.d Abbazia Country Club H-8976 Nemesnép, Határ u. 3-7.
Telephone: +36-92/573-450
Fax: +36-92/573-451
1.e Abbázia Club Hotel H-8360 Keszthely, Erzsébet királyné útja 23.
Telephone: +36-83/312-596
Fax: +36-83/313-424
1.f Abbázia Club Hotel Marotta I-61035 Marotta, Lungomare C. Colombo 107., Italy
Telephone: +39/-0721-969107

2. General Rules
2.a The Present "General Business Conditions" regulate the provider (1a, 1b, 1c, 1d, 1E, 1f) lodgings and use of services.
2.b Specific, unique conditions do not constitute part of the general business terms and conditions.
2.c General business conditions shall not preclude the conclusion of separate agreements with tour operators, organizers and at times others, according to the terms of business.

3. Contracting Party
3.a Services provided by the service provider are useable by the guests.
3.b If an order for services to the guests is made directly with the service provider, the guest of the contracting parties and the service provider jointly - if the conditions are met - become contracting parties (hereinafter parties).
3.c If the guest order is made for services on behalf of a third party (hereinafter agent) with the service provider, this regulates the conditions for cooperation and a contract between the service and the agent. In this case, the service is not required to be considered as a legal representative of the guest.

4. Contract, modifications, obligations for notification of reservations
4.a Requests by guests must be made orally or in writing and sent to the provider following an offer. If no order is placed within 48 hours of receipt of the offer, the bid validity period is ended by the provider.
4.b Guests are required to provide verbal or written confirmation of reservation in terms with the contract and the service provider is thus qualified to create a contract, which is then sent in writing to the guests. Any booking, agreement, modification or confirmation of these by the service provider is not considered as contractual.
4.c If guests leave before the end of the period specified in the contract the hotel is entitled to withhold the full costs for accommodation services stipulated in the contract. If they vacate before the expiry date stipulated in the contract, the service provider is entitled to offer the room for booking. If guests extend their stay with the prior consent of the service provider, the service provider may request the payment of fees for accommodation services already initiated and the use of -services.
4.d A written agreement, signed by all parties to the contract, is required for all modifications.

5. Cancellation Policy
5.a If the Service Provider cancels or alters any other conditions of the defined offer, penalty free cancellation is possible until 4p.m. of the second day prior to arrival.
5.a.1 If advance payment of accommodation services -,by guaranteed credit card, or any other contractually agreed form is not provided by the contracting party, prior to 4 p.m local time,. on the second day prior to arrival, all service obligations are terminated.
5.a.2 If the contracting party of the accommodation-services advance payment, by way of guaranteed advance credit card payment, or any other contractually agreed form of payment is late and does not arrive by midnight (12a.m.) local time, the service provider shall degree at least one night accommodation fee as a penalty. In this case the reserved accommodation for the contracting party is terminated at 12:00 am, following the terms of obligations of service.
5.b In the cases of products, services, promotions, group arrivals or events, special terms of contract will be set down in an individual agreement.

6. Prices
6.a The room rates (Rack Rate) ,for services operated by a hotel, are on display in the hotel rooms or at the hotel reception desk. Additional services price lists are available for the given hotel departments (restaurant, spa,therapy).
6.b The costs of services offered are subject to change without prior notice.
6.c When publishing its rates the service provider shall indicate the tax content of the rates (VAT and tourist tax *) bidding is valid according to the regulations of the law. The services’ surplus burdens arising from the applicable tax law (VAT, Local Tax *) may alter, with advance notice, to the contracting party. * = IFA Tourist Tax (depends on the location of our hotels and the amount determined by the local authority.)
6.d Current discounts, promotions and other offers will be made public on our websites (www.abbaziagroup.com, www.clubdobogomajor.hu, www.hotelkalma.hu, www.petnehazy-clubhotel.hu, www.abbazia-nemesnep.hu, www.abbazia- clubhotel.hu, www.clubhotel-marotta.com)

7. Payment Method, warranty
7.a Any services provided to the contracting party which are offered at a counter-value to those previously agreed, are allow to be re -claimed prior to departure from the hotel.
7.b The service provider will guarantee the value of all payments in line with the terms of the contract;
7.b.1 Credit card guarantees are requested (50% of the total) on confirmation of booking.
7.b.2 Requests for advance payment may be made for the full or part of the amount due.
7.c All prices are offered and payment is expected in HUF and / or:
7.c.1 any currency to be accepted by the service provider. The conversion and billing in this case is made applicable to the National Bank for account management services with the guest foreign exchange buying rate on the day of arrival.
7.c.2 a Provider accepts cashless payment instruments (credit card, other agreed payment forms based on a separate contract;. gift certificates, vouchers, etc.), an updated list of which the contracting party shall provide on request. Clarification of selected payment and cashless payment instruments related to bookings is recommended to all contracting parties.
7.d Costs related to any payment method are charged to the contractor.

8. The method of use of services and conditions
8.a Guests may check in from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival, and check out by 10:00 a.m. of the final morning.

9. Pets
9.a Lodgings of pets are allowed, in the hotel room, with the permission of the hotel management, and may be kept under the supervision of the guest, but cannot be taken to common areas and other premises (restaurant, swimming pool etc). However, some hotels may apply a total ban rule.
9.b Guests are fully responsible for any damages caused by pets.

10. Rejecting the performance of the contract and termination of service obligations
10.a The Service Contract entitles the rejection of providing accommodation-service without delay if:
10.a.1 Guests do not use the room available and the facility.
10.a.2 Guests breach the hotel's security or behave in a manner of misconduct (threatening, offensive or otherwise unacceptable conduct) to employees or are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
10.a.3 Guests have a contagious disease.
10.a.4 The contracting parties fail to comply with advance payment agreements by the contracted specified date.
10.b If the contract between the parties is not fulfilled due to "force majeure" reasons, the contract may be terminated.
10.c Club guests demonstrate any inappropriate behaviour.

11. Placement Guarantee
11.a If the provider of hotel services, through their own fault (eg. overbooking problems, etc) ,cannot ensure the service as agreed in the contract, the service provider is obliged to provide alternative accommodation for the guest.
11.b The service provider is obliged to:
11.b.1 offer services covered in the contract, confirmed at the price for the stipulated period of time there or- offer replacement accommodation of the same or higher category and all additional costs are to be covered by the supplier.
11.b.2 provided guests with free of charge telephone calls in order to communicate the change of accommodation.
11.b.3 provide guests with a free shuttle to the offered replacement accommodation place, and if necessary return to the original accommodation.
11.c fully meet these obligations, and if the guest accepts the replacement accommodation any subsequent claims for damages are not liable to be paid by the service provider.

12.Guest illness or death
12.a If during the duration of the accommodation-service the guest is taken ill and is unable to care for his services or offered medical help.
12.b In the case of the illness / death of the guest, the service provider may claim compensation of costs from the patient / deceased relative, heir, or from the account subscriber. Also any potential damage to property, equipment and fittings arising with respect to the illness / death may be claimed for.

13. Rights of The Contracting Party
13.a Under the terms of the contract, the guest is entitled to book rooms, as well as accommodation facilities which make up the standard service package, for their intended use, , and may not be subject to special conditions.
13.b The guest may complain about the performance of services provided by the service provider during the period of a stay in a hotel. During this period the service provider is to record the complaint in writing (or be minuted).
13.c A guest’s rights for complaint terminate after departing the property.

14. The Contractor's obligations
14.a The contracting party is obliged to fulfil all counter values of the contractually ordered services throughout the period and in all manners specified in the contract.
14.b Guests must ensure that children under 14 years refrain from using the service unless under adult supervision, and the responsibility for total damage caused by the child rests with the parents.
14.c Children are not allowed access to the hotel's spa and saunas and childcare is the responsibility of the parents in this regard.
14.d Guests of hotel B units may not bring their own food and drink.

15. Liability for damages by the contracting party
Guests are responsible for all damages to services, made by the guest or a third party, companion or other persons related to the guest. In addition it is the guest’s responsibility if he or any of the above mentioned third parties suffer any fatal damage/injury. This responsibility exists even if the aggrieved has the right to claim compensation of his damages directly from the service.

16. Rights of the service
Guests are obliged to pay fees for the use of contractually ordered but unused services and are required to pay a penalty if these do not comply with the supplier's claims. The supplier may also demand a right of pledge on the guest's personal belongings, taken to the hotel.

17. The Service Provider / The Service Provider shall:
17.a meet all applicable standards and service standards and any other services, according to the terms of the contract based on booked accommodation.
17.b investigate and take any necessary steps to address written complaints by the guest and these are to be recorded in writing.

18. The Supplier's liability for damages
18.a.1 The service provider holds the responsibility for any damages caused to the guest, within the establishment by the service provider or any employee.
18.a.2 The service provider shall not cover any damages to guests that are due to have taken place outside the scope of the service's employees for unavoidable reasons, or if they are self-inflicted.
18.a.3 The service may designate places in the hotel that guests may not enter. In such places any loss, damage shall not be liable by the service provider.
18.a.4 Use of the hotel's spa is at the guest's own risk and the hotel is not responsible for accidents and the increased risk of slipping including resulting accidents in areas near water.
18.a.5 All guests must immediately report damages suffered at the hotel and must provide the hotel with all necessary information to clarify the claim, which may be included in a police report / police procedures.
18.b The service provider shall take responsibility for all damages sustained by the occupying guests due to loss, destruction or damage, and generally for assigned areas and for any items given to any employees for safe keeping. The service provider is liable only when valuables, cash and securities are specifically taken for safekeeping, or the damage occurred for reasons for which they are responsible, according to the general rules. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the guest.

19. Vis major
Any reason or circumstance (eg: war, fire, flood, rigors of weather, power shortage, strike) beyond which the party has no control (force majeure), excuses any party obligations under the terms of the contract. The parties agree to endeavour to reduce the possibility of these circumstances occurring to the lowest possible level, and any damage or delay caused thereby shall be resolved as soon as possible.

20. Titoktartás
A Szolgáltató a Szerződésben foglalt kötelezettsége teljesítése során köteles a személyes adatok védelméről és a közérdekű adatok nyilvánosságáról szóló 1992. évi LXIII. Törvény, és az adatvédelemmel kapcsolatos vonatkozó jogszabályok rendelkezéseinek - és amennyiben ezt a Szerződő fél a Szolgáltató tudomására hozta - a Szerződő fél vonatkozó belső szabályainak megfelelően eljárni.

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