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As a result of the ideal location and unique features the hotel is a perfect base of sightseeing, wine-tastings, cycling tours, hiking or folklore programs.
A group of enthusiastic program organizers hustle to entertain you with guided all-day and half day tours.

  • - Small Balaton and Zalakaros tour
  • - Wine tasting in Eszterházy wine cellar
  • - Sightseeing tour in Keszthely
  • - Sightseeing tour in Budapest
  • - Sightseeing tour in Vienna
  • - Medieval tournament in Sümeg
  • - Herend-Tihany-Balatonfüred tour
  • - Tour around Lake Balaton
  • - Peasant wedding feast
  • - "Puszta" show

For further information and reservation please, contact our colleagues at the reception desk.

Exclusive tours for the summer

Visit the largest lake in Central Europe, and sail the waves with a sail-boat! During the 3-5 hours long journey you can sail the lake and visit the beautiful shorelines of the northern and southern shores. If you are an experienced sail-boat driver, you can sail with the boat on your own. We heartily give opportunity for the amateur "sailors" too, you can order for a training cruise, where the captain shows you the basics of sailing.
Duration: roughly 3 to 5 hours
Person limit: 2 to 5 people
Information:, or by phone: 0036/83 531 990

Balloon flight
If the land of the region is beautiful, then take this view up to 3000 feet, and you will be left without words. On every sunny days in the summer the Balaton Ballooning organizes balloon cruising. Fly up high in the sky, and enjoy the unmatched sight while you descend on the wings of the winds. The entire tour takes about one hour + the transfer there and back to the lift-off and landing zone.
More information: 0036/83 531 990

Program offers:

  • - Hévíz - thermal lake
  • - Keszthely - castle, museums, lake shore, pedestrian precinct
  • - Sümeg - medieval tournaments
  • - Tapolca - cave
  • - Kehidakustány -aquapark
  • - Small Balaton
  • - Kányavári Island- special flora and fauna
  • - Buffalofarm
  • - Castle ruins of Tátika
  • - Castle ruins of Rezi
  • - Castle ruins in Szigliget
  • - Beautiful panorama in Balatongyörök
  • - Museum of Africa in Balatonederics

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